Post-payroll activity is a tedious task. It’s a manual task performed by payroll teams and is highly prone to human errors. It’s very difficult for a person outside the payroll team to keep track of the status of the ongoing payroll process before getting a detailed status from the payroll team and also difficult to audit too.

Why would an organization need this?

We have created Clarity a post payroll processing software. Clarity simplifies the post-payroll activities with the following features

  • Convert the complete payroll activities into multiple sequential steps
  • Process tracker makes it easy to track on-going as well as completed activities
  • Automatic creation of process based on payroll frequency
  • Time allocation to each step
  • Easy to audit at any point in time
  • Automation of steps having tax calculation based on configured tax rates
  • Notification e-mail on every step completion

With help of clarity, the user can easily break down the post-payroll activity into sequential steps. Users can configure these steps in terms of different tasks, who will complete the steps, and within what time they should be completed. Different users can track post payroll activity progress at any point in time. On completion of any step, all the linked users will be notified via mail. Once the activity is completed it can be revisited as well as audited at the level of the individual steps.