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Imagine the HR future of your company: every challenge solved, every milestone reached. Now possible with the developed solutions by Veritas Prime Labs. We have the answers.


Clarity a post payroll processing software that simplifies the post-payroll activities.
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Help My Cloud

We have built a ticketing tool for Veritas Prime. This tool is used by the Veritas Prime members as well as the clients to create and track their issues. Clients create their issues in this tool and this gets assigned to the Veritas Prime member. We do have capabilities to track SLA violations as well.
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eCalibration is an employee performance evaluation tool. We have built a software where managers and HRs can come together and rate the performance of their employees. This tool will help managers and HR of an organization to track the employee’s performance in a better way.
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SAP Technology Services

We offer the best practice solutions with highest standards of Technical Capabilities that adhere to with the SAP recommended best practices. With over 200 happy clients across USA, UK, Latin America, Veritas Prime is the place to be for any SuccessFactors requirement.


At Veritas Prime Labs, we've developed an advanced RPA tool capable of automating time-consuming tasks, including web data scraping. It can be easily triggered by external applications with proper authentication.

We're dedicated to giving you the best service, with a focus on our founding principles: Truth. Excellence.

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