SAP SuccessFactors Calibration provides a simple, automated, and streamlined way to identify the company’s true best people, reward them fairly, and promote them to leadership positions.

By definition, “Calibration is the establishment or correction of a base level, generally adjusting it to match or conform to a reliably known and invariable measure.” Thus, this great calibration tool not only provides transparency but is also very effective in fine-tuning the foundations of talent processes, especially performance, compensation, and succession processes.

In SAP SuccessFactors, calibration provides a means to review and ensure equitable performance, compensation, and talent ratings across teams, departments, and the organization. This process ensures a calibrated view of employee performance, outcomes, and potential, which in turn helps find, reward, and develop the best people.

Why would an organization need this?

When performance reviews are not applied objectively throughout the organization, it has a negative impact on both people and the organization. By failing to accurately identify top performers, companies often run the risk of rewarding and promoting the wrong people, which can push average or lower performers to the top. All of this leads to a sense of injustice and dissatisfaction with the performance review process. When the least productive workers are overcompensated, the best ones feel undervalued, then the obvious result is they leave! And when these high-performing employees quit, companies can no longer execute their strategic goals, and the costs to replace these skilled talents are high. All of this affects the entire talent management strategy and processes.

Adaptoid Labs eCalibration Tool

We have created software where HR managers and process owners can come together and rate the performance of their employees. This tool will help the Human Resources Managers of an organization to better track the performance of their employees by offering features such as voice feedback, chat functionality, and fully configurable calibration sessions.

This improvement has been created by our innovation laboratory for one of our most recognized clients.