Wiki is a software that can serve as a document sharing platform with a target audience which can be determined according to the requirements of the client. It offers an organized and user friendly platform for the users to create, edit and share documents with the required personnel.
Wiki platforms are often described as groupware or collaborative software which helps a team working together attain their collective goals. There are several wiki engines that are maintained in an active manner. They can be differentiated by the platforms that they run on, the conventions and features that they support and the fact that if they are proprietary or open source.

Why would an organization need this?

Wikis are generally used to create and maintain documents that can be shared across a team as per the requirements. Hence, the software can prove to be useful to share information among groups. Information regarding a product or a task that is being managed by a team can be created, reviewed and debated within the team by means of an information sharing software. Documents can be organized and categorized into spaces and restrictions can be applied on the same to make sure that the information is protected and privacy of sensitive information can be respected as well.
Since, the information will be maintained a team, history of changes of a document would be useful to track and audit edits to documents and the same can be used to implement the feature of versioning for individual documents. In addition to all these, personal spaces and customizable options can be provided for individual users so as to make the application more extensible.

With help of clarity, the user can easily break down the post-payroll activity into sequential steps. Users can configure these steps in terms of different tasks, who will complete the steps, and within what time they should be completed. Different users can track post payroll activity progress at any point in time. On completion of any step, all the linked users will be notified via mail. Once the activity is completed it can be revisited as well as audited at the level of the individual steps.

Wiki Software by Adaptoid Labs

The wiki application is being developed in order to share in formation within the members of Adaptoid Labs worldwide and to have an application tailor fit for our requirements. The application offers features such as categorizing the documents within the application. This is provided so as to keep the documents more organized and easy to access within the application. The categories will also help to keep a tree structure for the contents and this structure is implemented in an extensible manner to support future development on the aspect. The navigation features within the application are user friendly and easy to use. It provides several features for easy navigation such as global search, quick access side bar and category based view for applications.
The google based SSO will be used to provide access control restrictions within the application which will further help in maintaining the security of the documents as per the requirements and can help in creating private and personal spaces in the future within the application.
The application also provides a rich text editor which is built on top of tinyMCE editor framework. The editor provides several formatting features and can be used to create documents that are formatted as per the requirements of the user. It also provides user friendly options such as to copy and paste images within the document and supports embedding videos within the application using their respective URLs as well.